How We Started

How We Started

Several years ago Mallory was invited to go to a climbing gym by a friend  Though she had always wanted to learn to climb, she initially refused, embarrassed that she might be the fattest person at the gym and was self-conscious about her ability to try something new in front of (presumably) yoga-bod strangers. 

Her friend stubbornly insisted that if Mallory could climb a flight of stairs she could climb a rock wall and took Mallory to the climbing gym- body shame be damned!

Turns out, that friend was right, and as she climbed the wall Mallory saw that her own self consciousness was the largest obstacle. At the top, she was overcome with a sense of the opportunities possible by breaking through that shame. She dreamed of fat gyms, soccer leagues and more. 

When Mallory moved to Orcas Island in 2015, she saw the beauty of  wild spaces and knew that the moment was ripe. She was introduced to Rhys, a fellow community-organizing queer with their own history of being the fattest person in outdoor spaces.  An epic bromance was born.  

Birthed in the bars of Orcas Island, Wild Abundance was their dream for fat babes to make outdoor spaces their own. With more determination than experience, they created and ran their first weekend retreat. 

One success led to another and Wild Abundance Expeditions was born. 

 Our Vision

Our Vision

We believe that outdoor spaces are for everyone. Period.  

However, too often we do not have the opportunity to adventure in a a safe physical and emotional environment.  We aim to correct that. 

Through providing the space and direction for outdoor adventure we wrestle with the challenging emotional obstacles of trying something that cultural messaging says is not for us. 

We believe that in this process, a moment exists, whether on top of a mountain, halfway up a tree, around a campfire, or on a kayak in the Salish Sea, where one can achieve a deeper understanding of the exponential power of their own possibility. 

This is the moment we live for.